Westin Hotel in Leipzig

IWCL does not have a permanent office, but due to the generosity of Westin Hotel we can organize our monthly meeting there, known as “Coffee and Chaos” aka C&C. It is the best place to meet us. “Coffee and Chaos” is usually held on the second Friday of each month.


The next “Coffee and Chaos” will be on 

8 February, 2019. 

8 March, 2019. 

12 April, 2019. 

10 May, 2019. 

14 June, 2019. 

12 July, 2019. 


Place: Westin Hotel

Time: 9am – 12pm

Come and meet us!

You can always reach us by e-mail:

We will meet each month at the Westin Hotel, hope you can join us!

We are always warm welcome bring your friend to join our member!