The last two years have been a mental, emotional, and physical challenge for all of us. Taking care of ourselves and staying true to yourself is not always easy. I am inviting you to a workshop for a little check in to yourself, to go into awareness and to come into a more mindful use of your resources. Especially in stressful situations, we are losing the connection to ourselves and make imprudent decisions. I will give you some impulses on how to find serenity in stressful situations and how to stay connected with yourself and your needs. 

My name is Karoline Konrad and I have been training as a kinesiologist for a year now. I have worked before in the cultural sector at theatres in Germany and for the Notenspur Leipzig e.V. . One key lesson that I have learned during my career, that everyone carries their own emotional baggage, but there is always a way to make a difference and bring more joy and balance into your life.


Costs: 15€ each participant

Participants: min. 5, max 10