Toasting International Women in Leipzig on International Women’s Day With: Ute McKendry and Gabrielle Goldfuß

Markt 10, Grosse Saal, Leipzig Markt 10, Leipzig, Germany

Dr. Gabriele Goldfuß will talk about her work as Director of the Office for International Affairs of the City of Leipzig. She is responsible for strategy and coordination of international affairs. Her office cooperates with numerous services within the City (e.g. the bookfair, economic and city development, culture), is engaged in European networks and cooperates closely with embassies, ministries etc. in Germany, Europe and […]


Beatles Museum

Join us at the Beatles Museum in Halle! We will leave from the Leipzig train station around 10ish and return by 14:00ish. That is the plan anyway. For more information check out the newsletter.

Take a tour of the exhibition Halle am Meer

Join us for an outing to the Moritzburg Museum, Halle. We will leave for Halle from the Leipzig main train station at 1pm. Afterwards there is a possibility for coffee at the Museumscafe. There is a second portion of this exhibit in Halle at the Talstrasse. You can choose to do that on your own […]